Kinsta vs Bluehost Top Secret Reviews For 2023


Are you Looking For The Best Hosting Plan For 2023, But you are confuse between kinsta vs bluehost then how to choose The Best And fast Hosting your WordPress website in 2023, You no Need to Warry We are Here For you to Choose The Best Hosting For your Site?

When ever we looks for the hosting to host our site so we firstly think about performance, support, speed, CDN, which is very important measure to rank in google,

If Are Going To choose Kinsta hosting so let say this not in your budget, Bluehost shared hosting is cheaper But not good if you are planning for future site.

In that way you can go with SiteGround shared hosting if you looking for the cheaper hosting with the best performance and is far superior, so lets see which is batter in kinsta vs bluehost hosting,

Kinsta vs Bluehost Compair

Lets start From First Which type Of Service kinsta And Bluehost Provide to The Customers, Kinsta is miles above Bluehost service when ever it comes to performance, and their support, and reliability,

And Bluehost Provide Cheap Service with The Good Performance comparing to others local hosting companies, But When its Come to the Kinsta So Bluehost surrender in every place,

put simply The both companies offers are very different like water and oil,

Kinsta Plans And Service

Kinsta is Super Well managed WordPress hosting Provider: Which is Always focuses 100% on WordPress Sites. It literally They only Accept WordPress Host websites and the all Kinsta team Always ready to provide all information and built their entire infrastructure reliably serve up WordPress websites which always wins Customers heart and trust.

When you firstly sign up on Kinsta site for the choose hosting plans, you will recognize precisely what type of proportion storage your site running, And how many number of PHP employees on your site, etc.

All are Kinsta’s customers who is using just WordPress, therefore all of Kinsta’s support staff they know very well around WordPress things and problems, which is become very usefully and easy to give us best support and their best performance, *compair beetwen kinsta vs bluehost*

Kisnta Hosting plans And Price –

kinsta vs bluehost Top Secret Reviews For 2023

Bluehost Plans And Service

BlueHost offer one standard plan. Even if you are very rich, no one is happy to pay more than someone for the same thing. This is the case with BlueHost. There are multiple discount pricing available for the same plan floating on the web.

The good thing is that you don’t need to remember or enter any codes. The bad thing is that you might have triggered a more expensive deal without knowing it.

BlueHost has been in business for more than 10 years since 2002. They have over 20,000 customers and hosting millions of domains. They are huge and successful. Many web hosts have gone out of business and yet they are growing big and fast. They must have served their customers very well.

They also provide free migration which almost all hosting sites providing free migration and free domain transfer, They also offer ANYTIME money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with them, you can cancel If you cancel before the first 30 days, you get a full refund.

Bluehost Hosting plans And Price-

kinsta vs bluehost Top Secret Reviews For 2023

Top Features That Matter in Hosting

Now as We already discussed what is difference between kinsta vs Bluehost, they both provide different types of products with different price, so now let’s dig into most popular data-backed comparisons which is really going to help you to see more clearly differences in action.

Customers Satisfaction

I think the most important think is when we going to choose any product firstly we see customer satisfaction with company. I’ve made my own thought first with this important matter, but I’m also Not sure maybe I’m just one opinionated WordPress user.

I have some of sites which currently running on both hosting company’s, but if talk about the best result so my thought is pretty clear kinsta is expensive but amazing,

Rating For 2023KinstaBluehost
2022 CodeinWP Survey
Score out of 5
Score 4.9 Score 3.5
Score out of 5
523 reviews | Trust Score 4.34,932 reviews | TrustScore 4.1
Air Leaked Research
Score out of 5
Trust Score 4.6Trust Score 3.8

this chat will make pretty clear your thought to choose hosting for your site in kinsta vs Bluehost,

Best Performance

To compare the best and high performance between Bluehost and Kinsta, so for this we’ll use all Signal Reviews of 2022 Performance Benchmarks, and this going to be last year that Bluehost participated in 2021. We use all Signal Review data from running year which is almost near to end because as we all know it’s objective and comprehensive.

To make this more fair and clear, i Am going to include every single data from both Bluehost’s shared hosting plans and cloud hosting plans in 2022, while using Kinsta’s cheapest plan data to make more clear for the Kinsta review part.

Service LocationKinstaBluehost SharedBluehost Cloud
Mauritius2.4363.4932.38 🏆
Los Angeles0.833 🏆0.9241.389
Dulles0.387 🏆0.6050.525
Denver1.287 🏆1.451.466
London1.076 🏆1.6971.271
Frankfurt1.014 🏆2.5521.32


Including The All Signal Review collects About uptime data using Last six months of data as 2022,

  • Kinsta: 100%
  • Bluehost: 99.97%

Just 0.03% difference isn’t That huge, but You Are About Loosing 15 minutes of downtime per month After Paying Full Price Of Hosting, i think its unfair with customers, let me know if there have any problem with this you can contact us using Contact us page,

Customer Support

the Best live support you can expect to receive from Both Company’s Kinsta and Bluehost, In that overall survey this is prove it,

The both Kinsta and Bluehost offering their customers 24/7 support, But Kinsta Is Littlie diffrent Becouse They only offers support Intercom live chat via its in-dashboard,

Customer Support Rating kinsta vs bluehostKinstaBluehost
Overall Customer Support Rating4.93.4
WordPress-Specific Customer Support Rating4.93.7

Features Compare kinsta vs bluehost

All FeatureKinstaBluehost SharedBluehost Managed WP
WordPress Autoinstaller
Free Domains Depend on planDepend on planDepend on plan
Automatic WordPress Updates
Server-Level Caching
Free SSL Certificate
Money-Back Guarantee
PHP 7.4❌*❌*
Email Hosting
Plan Tiers10+33
Different location for each of your sites
Firewall Powered by Cloudflare
Automatic Daily Backups
On-Demand Backups✅❌**
Built-in CDN
Free DDoS Protection
Free Premium DNS
Hack-Fix Guarantee
Free Migrations
Site Transfer feature

With Kinsta

  • Excellent and super Fast load times and reliable uptime
  • The Best And High Quality Customer support
  • A user-friendly and more unique hosting dashboard
  • All Useful And Fast features, like automatic backups and staging sites

if you still have any Doubt Or any Type of questions about choosing between Kinsta vs Bluehost, let us know in the comments section Or you can direct Contact Us See You In Next Post Byee!


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